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Welcome To The Plant Power Company

There are endless health benefits to going 100% plant based.We are here to support you on your amazing weight loss and health journey.

The Plant Power Company

The Plant Power Company provides plant-based meal delivery services for those who seek to improve their lifestyles. We at The Plant Power Company aim to help our clients lose weight and get healthy, but more importantly we would like them to move from idle survival to full on plant-based thriving.

The company adheres to plant-based principles that have been extensively researched and have been proven to not only improve the quality of people’s lives, but in regards to certain health issues, aim to reverse or manage them completely.

The program offered by The Plant Power Company is not there to convert people to veganism, but rather provides them with an alternative mode of achieving health using a system that is good for their bodies, the environment, animals, and the planet.

In addition to providing health solutions via food, we also have a fitness service that we offer as part of our packages to our fellow plant family members. Working with qualified partners in our team, members can have their physical stats calculated for them prior to commencing the program for a full analysis post completion of the program. We also offer fitness bootcamps for members of the program free of charge.

Support local vegetable and fruit farmers!

Plant based health is achievable, and flourishing health is the goal.

Get healthy, lose weight, lower cholesterol, recharge your body, and balance your hormones.

An alternative healthy choice that’s different to everything out there!

Consuming plant-based foods regularly or at 100% saves the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and helps regulate waste from industrial farming operations.


The Cycles

Since plants measure their lives in cycles, and are affected by the Cycles of Nature, we decided to measure our program the same way.

Here at The Plant Power Company, we run our program in cycles. Each cycle lasts for 4 weeks, and members can opt for 1 of 3 packages:

7 days a week, which includes weekends.

6 days a week, which excludes Fridays.

5 days a week, which excludes Fridays and Saturdays.

Each package consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.
Our meals equate to about 1300 kcal + /- 100 kcal of a full day of eating.

We recommend three cycles for an initial trial to properly reap the benefits of our plant-based meals.

The Plant Power Company accepts joiners mid-cycle every Sunday, so do not hesitate to contact us upon the commencement of a cycle if you’re interested in joining The Plant Power family.



At the Plant Power Company, we offer a whole foods plant-based meal prep delivery service with a focus on well-sourced produce, and delicious dishes. What sets us apart is the way we approach plant-based cuisine, focusing on great flavor while maintaining sound nutritional principles. Another factor which makes us unique is our inclusion of fitness services for our members! Since one of our founders is a fitness professional with a degree in Biomechanics, he stressed the inclusion of outdoor bootcamps for members of the service, free of charge. Men may also get their measurements taken, and fat percentage calculated using the caliper method.

No. Our menu was developed exclusively for The Plant Power Company and is available via subscription to the cycles.

Yes. It is encouraged to get a minimum of one hour of physical exercise per day. Our members will be consuming complex fiber rich carbohydrates, and so expect to experience sustained energy release throughout the day. Drink plenty of water to remain hydrated.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve with your workout, the number of calories must be in line with your goals. A plant-based diet does not cause muscle loss. However, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, and improper nutrition can cause muscle loss. There are many athletes and high performing individuals who are thriving on a plant-based lifestyle.

Body builders can join, though it must be said that body building and heavy strength training individuals require more plant-based calories than a normal person, so if they were on a cutting regimen, then great. If they are looking to put on a lot of muscle mass, then excess calories are needed depending on body composition, height, age, gender, and physical exercise. Since our program offers 1300 Kcal +/- of energy a day, it might not be appropriate. However, since one of our founders is a Biomechanics specialist and fitness professional, we are looking into creating a body building friendly program in future.

You can! Just shoot us an email, and we can provide you with one box with a full day of meals for BHD 10.

Since you are on our website, have a look at the bottom of the main page. Input your details, and location, agree to the terms and conditions, choose your cycle and sign up! It’s that easy.

Once you send us your details and have subscribed to the cycle of choice, go to our contact page, and that’s where you’ll find our IBAN payment details. Since we are just finishing up our payment gateway online, you can temporarily use our IBAN details to send us your payment via BENEFIT pay.

Unfortunately, we have limited seats per cycle due to the bespoke nature of the service and startup nature of the company. As we continue to grow, we will increase the spots available per cycle.

No, members can only sign up for one cycle at a time.

Individuals who are on a plant-based lifestyle for long periods of time, or indefinitely, need to supplement with vitamin B12, and Omega 3’s from plant sources. We recommend a Methyl cobalamin B12 supplement and an Omega 3 supplement with a good balance of EPA/DHA . Check out our market page for links to these Vitamins from iHerb and Amazon.com. Otherwise, all other nutrients can be derived from the plant world.

Yes, macros are calculated and provided in the menus during the cycle

50% can be refunded in the 1st week of the cycle, past that point, refunds are not provided.

Yes, weight loss is likely with our food service, however only if certain conditions are met. No additional foods other than what is provided can be eaten due to the caloric calculations of daily meals. For those individuals who choose our second package, they must make sure that weekend days are not used to binge eat, eat the wrong foods, and load up on empty calories that throw off a week’s hard work. Workouts and physical activity are key to changing body compositions. If these conditions are met, and no underlying medical condition exists that may affect the way a member processes food, then no impediment to weight loss exists and it is guaranteed.

The Plant Power program is not designed for pregnant women, and so does not take into account the additional calories and specific nutrition that a mother needs to consume for the growth of her baby. We recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor, or health care professional before attempting any dietary decisions, or adopting any particular lifestyle that might affect them both.

Meal Packaging

Jute Bags

Because a lot of packaging waste is produced from the daily consumption of food, we at the Plant Power Company decided to opt for an eco-friendlier approach to packaging.

Members of our programs will receive Plant Power jute bags for the duration of their membership. Our jute bags are biodegradable, eco-friendly and reusable. Each member will receive three bags in order to exchange with our drivers upon delivery for reuse. This way, we can protect the environment from excessive packaging waste and create accountability for consumption. Keep your bags if you decide to continue on the next cycle as we do not provide new bags for existing joiners.

Furthermore, The Plant Power Company uses recyclable Kraft wrapping paper for packaging which can be composted by our members. Bamboo cutlery is also offered upon request.

Important Note


This program contains, nuts seeds and legumes, and may not be suitable for people with sensitivities to legumes. G6PD individuals cannot do the program as of yet, but we are working to provide alternatives in the future.

The Plant Power Company’s meals contain gluten and are not suitable for people with severe gluten allergies.

Please consult your physician before undertaking any drastic changes to diet if underlying health issues exist.

Go 100% Whole Foods Plant Based

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